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Wrapped three films with release dates in 2022!


"One of the things I found so riveting about Ms. Chavis was 'the look.' That wordless expression on the face of our Mothers or their comparable figures that, without uttering a word, let you know exactly where you messed up, and that you were about to be dealt with."

Timoth David Copney, Broadway World, A Raisin in the Sun


Charles Green, DC Metro Theater Arts, Inherit the Windbag

"Tamieka Chavis does transformative work... relaying the character’s shy demeanor, but building her dry humor as the character comes more and more out of her shell."
Gwyneth Sholar, DC Theater Arts, The Mamalogues

"Tamieka Chavis deserves a standing ovation... a gifted actor who could make anyone love Shakespeare without their ever understanding a single line."
Ramona Harper, DC Metro Theatre Arts, Timon of Athens

"Chavis is absolutely delightful... as Mrs. Fezziwig. Her portrayal of this bubbly character just makes you smile from the moment she steps on stage..."
Jason Crawford Samios-Uy, Backstage Baltimore, A Christmas Carol

"Tamieka Chavis as Victoria gives a very strong performance in her scene with Mama and throughout the rest of the play"
Elliot Lanes, Broadway World, CHARM

"Chavis as Lizzie, a fly in the ointment of the Adams’s relationship, is winsome when she needs to be, and flirty when it’s hurtful."
Mike Bevel, DC Metro Theatre Arts, CLOVER

"Chavis's stunned, caustic Claire is an affecting spectacle... a detail that adds impact when Claire and Wilson develop a grudging appreciation for each other later on."
Celia Wren, The Washington Post, Rabbit Summer

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"Tamieka Chavis has the role most serious actresses covet, Lady Macbeth.  Her “Out damn spot” scene is powerful."
Susan Brall, MD Theatre Guide, Macbeth

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